We need to start eating more effectively, starting today

It is our ambition to solve global challenges of the food industry. Our approach is realistic, simple but most of all, effective. We bridge the gap in consumer acceptance by producing functional ingredients for the food industry, for every day recipes.

In the food industry it is about taste, functionality and affordability. We don’t believe in edible insects, but we do believe in tasty, recognizable products made with ingredients from insects. Our AdalbaPro ingredients show interesting functionalities like bite, structure and solubility. Our ingredients deliver great new opportunities for different conceptual routes in food development.

Our objective is to provide customers in the food industry, all around the globe, with our AdalbaPro ingredients and to enable them to produce high quality end products made from the most sustainable high-quality protein source. Building upon the ambition to use more sustainable and nutritious ingredients. We currently supply food producers of for example, bakery products, pasta, sports nutrition and meat(alternatives).

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