Find out more about Protifarm and have a look through our frequently asked questions. For any questions not answered in the below FAQ section, please feel free to contact us.

What is Protifarm’s vision?

Our vision is to produce high quality ingredients to feed the world in a sustainable way. We are continuously working on increasing the efficiency of our automated, vertical farming process and are planning to upscale the industry of insect proteins for human consumption worldwide.

Who should be contacted for a collaboration with Protifarm?

If you are interested in a collaboration, joint venture or information to set up your own farm, please contact info@protifarm.com  

Does Protifarm offer internships and other career experiences?

For career-related questions, please contact careers@protifarm.com  

What kind of insects are used for AdalbaPro?

AdalbaPro products are made from the larvae of the Alphitobius diaperinus (Buffalo beetle). These larvae are harvested after a lifecycle of about 28 days, when they are fully grown.

Is AdalbaPro genetically modified?

No, our AdalbaPro products are all natural. This means that they are, in addition to non-GMO, free of hormones, antibiotics and preservatives.

Is AdalbaPro animal friendly produced?

Yes, we take the greatest care for our animals, both during their life cycle and afterwards. Our farm is designed to simulate the natural habitat and climate of the Alphitobius diaperinus.

Do the AdalbaPro products contain any allergens?

Yes, our products can give similar allergic reactions as shellfish/crustaceans and house dust mite due to the close relationship between shrimp and buffalo larva. Our products are soy-, dairy-, and egg-free.

How does Protifarm ensure the safety of its products?

We produce our products with greatest care and our larva are reared in a controlled and clean environment allowing for high confidence and safety. Our products are both HACCP and ISO22000 certified.

What is the shelf life of the AdalbaPro ingredients?

The expiration time of our products is depending on the type of product and whether the optimum storage conditions are met. These conditions can be found both on the label of the product and the product information sheet.

In what products can I already find AdalbaPro?

AdalbaPro ingredients can already be found in a variety of products sold throughout Europe. Companies are currently using our ingredients to make pasta (Plumento Foods, Jimini’s), burgers (Bugfoundation), sports nutrition beverages (Isaac Nutrition), protein bars (Bear Grylls Bar, WholiFoods), and granola (Jimini’s).

Does Protifarm ship their products worldwide?

Yes, we can ship our products both within Europe and overseas.

Are there company tours?

No, we do not offer company tours. You can however send a visitation request; see “Contact us”. We will then take your request in consideration.