July 3rd, 2019

Protifarm wins IfM open innovation pitching session


Food Tech Matters took place on June 25 & 26 in London.  Protifarm’s CEO Tom Mohrmann, was one of the members in the panel debate  “The future of protein and the meatless movement”. Experts and innovators came together to explore the alternative protein solutions being developed today to meet tomorrow’s demand. The panel dug into some of the major trends, explored the very latest developments and disruptors and the ever-growing appetite for funding and investment in alternative proteins.

Protifarm was also one of the selected companies to pitch during the IfM Open Innovation pitch session – end-to-end sustainability for the food and drink sector. Tom Mohrmann presented his view on innovation and technology that is driving the sustainability of the food sector and won the pitching session!

The University of Cambridge IfM Open Innovation Forum in Food, Drink & FMCG had joined forces with Food Tech Matters to find the best innovation and tech to drive the end-to-end sustainability of the whole sector. This pitch session was a unique opportunity for innovators and technology spin-outs, start-ups and SMEs to pitch their ideas or business to some of the world’s largest food, drink and FMCG companies. 

Six selected innovators were invited to pitch to innovation leaders from across the global value chain, from ingredients and materials; through packaging and process and technology; to brand owners and retail. They wanted to hear from start-ups who can help solve challenges around reducing food waste and re-purposing waste streams, driving down energy, water and resource consumption, raising the end-to-end efficiency of supply networks and improving the sustainability of raw materials, ingredients and packaging.

The pitch session was hosted by Dominic Oughton, Industrial Associate and Open Innovation Forum lead, Institute for Manufacturing (IfM), University of Cambridge

For more information about the event visite the website foodtechmatters.com



  Food Tech Matters  innovation  Speaker

Tom Mohrmann

Tom Mohrmann

CEO Protifarm

About Tom Mohrmann

Mohrmann has been Chief Executive Officer at Protifarm since 2018. Protifarm is a Dutch agri-tech leader producing functional and sustainable ingredients for the food industry from food-grade farmed insects. One of his goals is the international deployment of the effective ingredient line, AdalbaPro - made of the Alphitobius diaperinus (also known as the Buffalo Beetle). Besides digestible proteins, AdalbaPro ingredients also contain essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, fibres, and healthy fats. The high quality food ingredients can add value to applications in for example sports nutrition, meat (alternatives), bakery and many more.

Mohrmann: “In our ambition to solve global challenges of the food industry, our approach is realistic, simple but most of all, effective. We bridge the gap in consumer acceptance by producing recognizable and functional ingredients for the food industry, for every day recipes."



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