November 26th, 2019

AdalbaPro: introducing the first ingredient range made from insects




New food concepts to address global food challenges

Ermelo, November 25th, 2019 – Dutch Agri-tech company Protifarm will launch AdalbaPro, the first ingredient range made from insects for human consumption at the Food ingredients Europe trade fair in Paris. AdalbaPro is a highly sustainable nutritionally-dense, functional ingredient range that delivers on the rising demand for more sustainable healthy food. Protifarm, a major innovator in the production of insect-based high nutrition ingredients for the food industry, believes that insects will play an important role in solving the world’s projected food supply challenges. At the fair, Protifarm and their launching partner Caldic, will showcase future-proof concepts and delicious application possibilities such as burgers and shakes based on the AdalbaPro ingredient range. 

Effective, sustainable food will help secure a healthy lifestyle and a healthy planet. New sources of sustainable protein are needed to fulfill the ever-increasing demand for high-quality protein. Ingredients made from insects will contribute to this growing demand. Tom Mohrmann, CEO Protifarm said: “Therefore, Protifarm launches AdalbaPro: a sustainable and minimally processed ingredient range that offers protein replacement and fortification for all kinds of formulations. These include sports nutrition, meat and meat alternatives, pasta, baked goods and dairy.” What sets the AdalbaPro ingredients apart from most alternative proteins, is that they deliver all essential amino acids, vitamins such as B12, minerals, fibers and healthy fats. We bridge the gap in consumer acceptance by producing recognizable and functional ingredients for the food industry, for every day recipes”.

AdalbaPro is currently available in a textured form and as powders.

Development of new food with Caldic
Protifarm teamed up with Caldic, a global full-service distributor of food ingredients. Tom Mohrmann is delighted to announce Caldic as their new partner: “Caldic is an expert in market developments and understands today’s food ingredient trends. Their specialists have been extensively applying Protifarm’s ingredients in exciting new food concepts. As a result, we have jointly developed a wide range of nutritious and delicious concepts, including meatballs, burgers, protein cookies and shakes which I am extremely proud of”.

Yves Maltête, Business Development Director Food Europe at Caldic, adds: “Partnerships are crucial for us to constantly seek new and better ways to support our customers. At Caldic we understand how important it is to stay relevant in these constantly evolving food markets. We are very excited to present our new food concepts made with this new ingredient range, for example, an appetizing burger made with AdalbaPro Textured Insect Protein. This meat-free burger cooks and browns just like meat, with the same texture and bite. Another example is a protein shake made from easily soluble Insect Protein Concentrate. With Protifarm’s ingredients, our customers will be ready for tomorrow’s trends.”

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